The Israel Brief- 31July – 03August 2023

The Israel Brief – 31 July 2023 Saudi normalization update. Split in Likud? Attack on Chabad Mumbai foiled. Israel and Zambia sign agreements.

The Israel Brief – 01 August 2023 Hamas release image of Hadar Goldin’s gun. Did Golda Meir consent to a Palestinian state? Bibi’s interview charm offensive. Ye on X

The Israel Brief – 02 August 2023 Ma’ale Adumim terror attack. Hizbollah tension. Police criticized for using force. Amazons big investment in Israel.

The Israel Brief – 03 August 2023 High Court hears arguments re law on PM incapacitation. Ben Gvir angers Israel’s. Hamas ask Hizbollah for help? Mazel Tov Ami!

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