The Israel Brief- 11-14 November 2019


The Israel Brief – 11 November 2019 – Remembering Kristallnacht. Negotiation updates. Jordan does not renew 24 year lease.




The Israel Brief – 12 November 2019 – ISRAEL UNDER FIRE – updates.




The Israel Brief – 13 November 2019 – #ISRAELUNDERATTACK day 2 updates.




The Israel Brief – 14 November 2019 – Update on situation in South. Unity goverent negotiations. EU labelling of Israeli goods.




The Schilling Show – 13 November 2019 – Rolene Marks (20:30 min – 31:30 min)




The Israel Brief- 04-07 November 2019


The Israel Brief – 04 November 2019 – Rockets fired over weekend. Most Israelis want Gantz led coalition. Corbyn says Jews have no reason to fear him.




The Israel Brief – 05 November 2019 – Omar Shakir expelled. Hamas threaten Israel. Liberman denies compromise.




The Israel Brief – 06 November 2019 – Great news from Dubai! Israel releases Jordanian citizens. Is Israel headed towards 3rd elections?




The Israel Brief – 07 November 2019 – Israel aiding Kurds. SA premier lauds Israeli technology. Shin Bet foil 450 terror attacks.

The Israel Brief- 28-31 October 2019


The Israel Brief – 28 October 2019 – Missing soldier found dead. We remember Pittsburgh. Negotiation updates.




The Israel Brief – 29 October 2019 – Israeli Embassies brace for possible Iranian attack. Bernie Sanders proposes to fund Gaza. Holocaust survivor bullied by SJP student.




The Israel Brief – 30 October 2019 – Embassies on strike. Nikki Haley gives Bernie Sanders a verbal smackdown. Swedish FM says BDS not antisemitic.




The Israel Brief – 30 October 2019 – Negotiation updates. Israel air defense on high alert. EU labelling has Israel concerned.

The Israel Brief- 23-24 October 2019


The Israel Brief – 23 October 2019 – Gantz to start gov negotiations. Iran banned from International Judo Federation. US Congressmen shocked Twitter allows platform for Hamas and Hizbollah.



The Israel Brief – 24 October 2019 – Gantz officially accepts mandate to form gov. Welcome Virgin Atlantic and Sir Richard Branson. Israel helps Kurdish children.

The Israel Brief- 16-17 October 2019


The Israel Brief – 16 October 2019 – PM appeals to Putin for release of Naama Issachar. Will Jordan renew 25 year lease? The Squad endorse Bernie Sanders as Democratic candidate.




The Israel Brief – 17 October 2019 – Netanyahu issues proposal to Gantz. US Ambassador reveals key point in peace plan. IDF shoots down drone from Gaza.

The Israel Brief- 02-10 October 2019


The Israel Brief – 02 October 2019 – Netanyahu’s pre-indictment hearing. Talks stall in forming new gov. Austria to vote BDS anti-Semitic.




The Israel Brief – 03 October 2019 – Dolev terror suspect caught. Developments towards forming government. AntiSemitism in Melbourne.




The Israel Brief – 07 October 2019 – Omar Barghouti gets his citizenship revoked. Israel sings historic non aggression pact with Gulf States. Violence in Arab community.




The Israel Brief – 10 October 2019 – Update on Yom Kippur shooting. Liberman presents his plan for unity gov. Saudi cleric condemns Australian anti-Semitic bullying of student.



The Israel Brief-23-26 September 2019


The Israel Brief – 23 September 2019 – Who will form next Israeli govermnent? Israeli baseball Olympic qualifier. Tlaib gives Billioo support. Widow of Eli Cohen takes Netflix to task.




The Israel Brief – 24 September 2019 – The UNGA starts today. Will Israel have a revolving PM? UK Labor party adopts anti-Israel resolutions.




The Israel Brief – 25 September 2019 – Are we one step closer to a government? Erdogan causes offense at UNGA and Israel’s first female squadron leader takes to the skies.




The Israel Brief – 26 September 2019 – Rivlin taps Bibi to form gov. UN lambastes BDS. Malaysian PM anti-Semitism.

The Israel Brief- 09-12 September 2019


The Israel Brief – 09 September 2019 – Weekend updates and tension in South. Finance Ministry bails out Foreign Ministry. AntiSemitic attack in Poland. Happy Birthday President Rivlin.




The Israel Brief – 10 September 2019 – Netanyahu exposes another nuke factory in Iran. Israeli raped in South Africa. Sudan talks Israel and Jews.




The Israel Brief – 11 September 2019 – Netanyahu’s contraversial announcement. John Bolton fired. Remembering 9/11.




The Israel Brief – 12 September 2019 – Is Israel spying on Trump? Bibi in Facebook jail? Avera Mengistu’s father meets with Abbas.

The Israel Brief- 02-05 September 2019


The Israel Brief – 02 September 2019 – Update on Israel’s exchange of fire with Hizbollah. Netanyahu vows to annex Jewish settlements in West Bank. Honduras opens trade office in Jerusalem.




The Israel Brief – 03 September 2019 – Gantz says referendum before and withdrawal from territory. Was Israa Gharebs death an honour killing? Iran refuses to co-operate with UN inspectors.




The Israel Brief – 04 September 2019 – IDF reveals Hizbollah factory. Israel dispatched humanitarian aid. Greenblatt asks UN to pressure Hamas on Israeli captives.




The Israel Brief – 05 September 2019 – Bibi meets BoJo. Israeli diplomats cast their vote. Remembering the Munich massacre. 

The Israel Brief- 26-29 August 2019


The Israel Brief – 26 August 2019 – All the weekend updates: drones, rockets and retaliation. Update on Friday terror attack.




The Israel Brief – 27 August 2019 – War of words with Hizbollah. Rouhani refuses to meet Trump. Netanyahu invites Gantz to security briefing..




The Israel Brief – 28 August 2019 – Hamas declares state of emergency. Honduras to open Embassy in Jerusalem? Situation in North.




The Israel Brief – 28 August 2019 -US and Israel to bolster UNIFIL at UN. Two countries recognise Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. Gantz rejects claims he was hacked.