The Israel Brief – 11-14 March 2019


The Israel Brief – 11 March 2019 – Air Ethiopia crash. Netanyahu warns Hamas. Wonder Woman schools Bibi.



The Israel Brief – 12 March 2019 – Tension on Temple Mount. WJC Congress take on UN. Gantz to address AIPAC.



The Israel Brief – 13 March 2019 – Identities of 2 Israelis killed in plane crash. IDF discover Hizbollah cell. Gal Gadot schools Labor and UAE Minister says Netanyahu statement racist.



The Israel Brief – 14 March 2019 -ZAKA still waiting to recover remains in Ethiopia. Shurat HaDin takes on Icelandic Eurovision entrant. USA eliminates the word “occupied” from State Dept. Report

The Israel Brief – 04-07 March 2019


The Israel Brief – 04 March 2019 – IDF soldiers injured in car ramming. US downgrades diplomatic mission with Palestinians and Israel ranked 8th most powerful country.



The Israel Brief – 05 March 2019 – Ilhan Omar anti-Semitism. Belgian charicatures. Bibi launches election campaign. Beresheet sends a selfie!



The Israel Brief – 06 March 2019 – IDF strikes targets in response to balloon bombs. Democrats divided over Omar. AG to ban Otzma Chairman?



The Israel Brief – 07 March 2019 – Aalst mayor backs float-makers. Gantz to sue Israel Hayom and International Women’s Day


The Israel Brief – 25-28 February 2019

The Israel Brief – 25 February 2019 – UK blacklists Hizbollah. Islamic Jihad threaten Tel Aviv. Bibi draws criticism and Abbas demands EU states recognise a Palestinian state.


The Israel Brief – 26 February 2019 – Chief Rabbi of Argentina attacked. Iranian Foreign Minister resigns. EU Presidential hopeful call for pact against anti-Semitism.


The Israel Brief – 27 February 2019 – Terrorist captured! Bibi visits Putin. African American law enforcement nixes BDS!


The Israel Brief – 28 February 2019 – UNHRC accusations against Israel. Bibi to be indicted? Trump peace plan titbits



The Israel Brief – 18-21 February 2019


The Israel Brief – 18 February 2019 – Israel-Poland diplomatic spat. PA accuse Israel of Piracy. Has the world lost patience with Palestinians?



The Israel Brief – 19 February 2019 – Qatar cuts Hamas electricity bill, France protests anti-Semitism, ISIS brides and Yisrael Beyteinu



The Israel Brief – 20 February 2019 – UK Labour Party Exodus. PA refuse tax money. Elections a Game of Thrones style?



The Israel Brief – 21 February 2019 – Israel to the Moon! France adopts IHRA definition of anti-Semitism. Iran threatens war. Major election news.




The Israel Brief – 11-14 February 2019


The Israel Brief 11 February 2019 – Ori Ansbacher murder, antisemitic US Congress woman and Labour primaries



The Israel Brief 12 February 2019 – Iran and Israel and free trade? Apology from Ilhan Omar? Labour party gets a new lease on life?



The Israel Brief 13 February 2019 – Netanyahu in Warsaw – are relations warming with Gulf states? Hamas and Fatah to meet? Did Bibi just give away a secret?



The Israel Brief 14 February 2019 – IDF warns Hamas could spark war, US official on Iran and exiled Shah says relations between Israel and Iran could be friendly one day.



The Israel Brief – 04 – 08 February 2019

The Israel Brief 04 February 2019 – MSA “Terrorists in suits” report, Bibi may head to Morocco and where are the anglos on the Likud list?


The Israel Brief 05 February 2019 – USA State of Union, UK Labour Party antisemitism and Likud primaries.


The Israel Brief 06 February 2019 – UNHRC singling out Israel, what Trump said in speech and Likud primary results


The Israel Brief 07 February 2019 – UK antisemitism rising, US blocks UN statement vs Israel and IDF responds to rocket fired

The Israel Brief – 27 – 31 January 2019

The Israel Brief 27 January 2019 – International Holocaust Memorial Day



The Israel Brief 28 January 2019 – IDF aids Brazil, Bibi bribery charges and summit with EU countries.



The Israel Brief 29 January 2019 – Palestinian resignations, vandalism in Jerusalem, UN Chief warns of rising antisemitism and will Gantz join Bibi in a coalition?



The Israel Brief 30 January 2019 – Roro rants at Amnesty International, IDF in Brazil and we get to know Benny Gantz



The Israel Brief 31 January 2019 – Epic BDS Fails, Kulanu launch their campaign and Jacky Catty makes an appearance.


The Israel Brief – 20-24 January 2019



The Israel Brief 20 January 2019: Israel Chad renew ties, Iron Dome intercepts Syrian rocket and Netta!


The Israel Brief 21 January 2019 : Martin Luther King, Iranian rockets and open Sudanese airspace and viewer


The Israel Brief 22 January 2019: Mali, strike casualties, Save a Child’s Heart and baby rhinos…


The Israel Brief 23 January 2019: Trump peace plan, IAF strike Hamas, Aya Masarawe


The Israel Brief 24 January 2019: Short and sweet! 16 year old charged manslaughter, more Iron Domes rolled out German antisemitism


The Israel Brief – 14 – 17 January 2019

Israel Brief January 14: News: Did Israel strike targets in Syria? What does Gantz think of the Nation State bill? Did we destroy all tunnels from Hizbollah?


Israel Brief January 15 2019: Mazel Tov IDF Chief, Aviv Kochavi, Bibi on Iran, Roro on Woman’s March


Israel Brief January 16: Danon vs Abbas at UN, Malaysia and Airbnb in trouble with Gov of Florida


Israel Brief January 17: Africa and Arab world opening up to Israel and Madonna to perform at Eurovision


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