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The Olympic Spirit – “to Build a Peaceful and Better World”

Over and above a gold and two bronze medals won by Israel so far in the men’s floor exercise, taekwondo and judo, Lay Of The Land applauds  the spirit of camaraderie and sportsmanship of former Iranian Saeid Mollaei who dedicated his silver medal to Israel and to the city of Tokyo, for finally honouring at an Opening Ceremony, the 11 Israelis murdered in a terror attack at the 1972 Munich Olympics.

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The Israel Brief

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Pandemonium during a Pandemic

Reflections on the Jewish community in South Africa – crisis or no crisis?

By David E. Kaplan

South Africa Erupts. Covered in the international media, army called in to restore calm.

Is the South African Jewish community in crisis? In the wake of disturbing civil unrest on top of the poorly governmentally managed  Covid pandemic, this was the troubling question in a panel webinar discussion organized by the Australia’s UIA (United Israel Appeal).

Pandemonium during a Pandemic

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Peace, Love and Boycotts?

By Rolene Marks

Is the gate closing? Israel embroiled in a ‘cold war’ over Ben & Jerry’s ice cream ban.

Ice-Cream brand Ben & Jerry’s boycott what they call “Occupied Palestinian Territories”. What is behind this campaign? We bring you the scoop.

Peace, Love and Boycotts?

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It’s Time to End Cancel Culture

By Gabi Crouse

Stop the Rot. Almost everyone is capable of canceling someone, but they are also capable of being canceled.

Social media is getting anything but “social”.  It’s become unpleasant, intimidating and disrespectful as people show their intolerance of others with whom they disagree. This is the disturbing nature of ‘Cancel Culture’.

It’s Time to End Cancel Culture

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The Arab Voice

A selection of opinions and analysis from the Arab media

Broad-based coverage on the Middle East, LOTL provides a platform to what Arab journalists – in their own words – are writing about the region.

The Arab Voice

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LOTL Cofounders David E. Kaplan (Editor), Rolene Marks and Yair Chelouche

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