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Wishing “Team Israel” as it strives for excellence in Tokyo

Lay Of The Land wishes Israel’s largest delegation ever to an Olympiad  the “best of Luck” as they engage
with an unsettled world embracing the Olympic spirit of friendship and solidarity.

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The Israel Brief

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On High Ground

The Hills of Yodfat are Alive with the Sound of Hebrew

By David E. Kaplan

Sounds of Success. Near the site where Jewish kids were taken into slavery, Yodfat’s children today sing to Barmitzvah boy.

Over  2000 years ago, Yodfat was a fierce battleground in a war of the Jews with Rome that would lead to exile until 1948. A lively barmizvah of the writer’s family at modern day Yodfat, ignites thoughts and reflections of a people’s destiny and proud homecoming.

On High Ground

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“But You Don’t Look Jewish!”

By Rolene Marks

Looking Beyond. There is an ingrained perception that Jews fit a certain stereotype in the way they look.

Not all discrimination or racism is experienced in the same way. When aimed at Jewish women, antisemitism takes on an additional and sometimes distinctly misogynistic element.

*Warning – contains language some may find offensive.

“But You Don’t Look Jewish!”

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How Complex is Baseless Hatred?

By Adv. Craig Snoyman

Media Malice. Publishing despicable outright lies against Israel, this South African paper is promoting antisemitism.

While a South African newspaper saw fit to publish an inciteful article referring to Israel as a “settler colony” describing it as “racist”, “ethno-supremacist” and “set on ethnic cleansing” and calling for international sanctions, the writer, a practicing South African lawyer, responds in Lay of the Land after being refused a right of reply in newspapers across South Africa.

How Complex is Baseless Hatred?

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LOTL Cofounders David E. Kaplan (Editor), Rolene Marks and Yair Chelouche

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