Lay of the Land Weekly Newsletter-18 July 2021

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The Israel Brief

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As South Africa picks up the pieces and deals with the aftermath of what unfolded on its streets, Lay Of The Land  applauds MK Ruth Wasserman Lande who grew up in South Africa, for raising the matter of the human tragedy to the attention of the Knesset (Israeli parliament).



Victor in Name and in Life

By David. E. Kaplan

My Word. From the media to the stage, Victor’s writing,  enthralled , entertained  and challenged.

Remembering South African Victor Gordon – artist, musician, community leader, strong literary advocate for Israel – and an award-winning playwright, whose play, “Pollard’s Trial” became the only play in the history of Israel to receive an invitation to mount a private performance at the Knesset!

Victor in Name and in Life

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The Days the Cameras Forgot

By Rolene Marks

Selective Reportage. Where was the media covering the protests of Palestinian activist Nizar Banat who died in PA custody?

All too quick to direct their cameras and proverbial pens where blame can be directed at Israel, the global media is nowhere to be seen when it comes to the growing unrest on the streets of Ramallah against President Mahmoud Abbas and the Palestinian Authority over frustration following years of corruption. WHY?

The Days the Cameras Forgot

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Surfside Strong

By Ruthy Benoliel

The Human Touch. The writer witnesses’ soldiers break down and cry”.

“It felt like a war zone!” describes the writer. Champlain Towers  was “the place where my husband picked me up on our first date, where we got engaged, where three of my four children were born” but also the place where many of her old neighbours and friends were the night of the collapse! An all too human perspective by the Vice-President of WIZO USA!

Surfside Strong

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 Importance of Posture – For All Ages

By Lionel H. Phillips D. O.

Four wooden dolls with different postures over a white background

If the tire to a car lacked sufficient air or the steering was pulling to one side, the driver would not neglect the problem. And neither should we neglect the posture of our bodies as our ability to breathe properly is best when the body is in proper alignment.

 Importance of Posture – For All Ages

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