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As the Coronavirus spread globally, so did xenophobia against Asians and now in the USA malignant racism as the whole world watched in horror, a public “lynching”  of a black man by white members of the Minnesota police. Lay Of The Land joins all across the world in supporting the movement against racism and for greater tolerance and understanding to counter all “viruses” that attack both our bodies and our souls.


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A Walk In The Park

With man frequently at war with nature, not so Israeli sculptor whose art finds harmony with the surrounding environment

By David E. Kaplan

image002 - 2020-06-05T111310.306
Monumental Marvel. Dani Karavan’s “White Square” on the crest of a hill at Edith Wolfson Park in Tel Aviv.

Blending sculpture, architecture and the landscape into unique and monumental pieces,  Dani Karavan’s “White Square” at a park in Tel Aviv, is an ode to the essence and spirit of his city, depicting its history, reflecting its ethos and engaging its people, especially young children.



The Intersection of Hatred

By Rolene Marks

image003 - 2020-06-05T111728.046
Murder In Minnesota. Memorial to George Floyd at the spot where he was murdered by Minneapolis police.

As Israelis join in the global protests against racism in the USA following the murder “in plain sight” of George Floyd by four white policemen, the writer explores how this horrific murder is being exploited by nefarious organizations to blame Israel and why American synagogues are suddenly being viciously targeted.



The City of Jaffa is in the State of Israel!

Open letter by Stephen Schulman

image004 - 2020-06-05T111941.042
A Pint In Palestine? Not exactly; these restaurants and pubs are in the ancient port of Jaffa in Israel.

While South African food journalist Ayesha Mukadam sadly laments “lost traditions” relating to dishes in her Muslim community in Cape Town, she has little problem in “losing”  facts of history and geography, when she shares a recipe in her article in the Daily Maverick from a resident from Jaffa who she describes is “from Palestine” instead of Israel. Stephen Schulman takes issue in an open letter to the newspaper.


image005 - 2020-06-05T112236.511

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