Poet Fonda Dubb from Eilat who as a former dance teacher defied apartheid in her native South Africa,  prophetically  penned her thoughts and “hopes” in January 2023, 10 months before war erupted on our holy landscape


By Fonda Dubb


We have to believe in Hope
It’s a word that carries us as we go on our way
It lifts us up to reach the heavens
To ask for mercy on our souls
And ask for forgiveness
To give us strength
To make this world a better world
A dance of Hope is what we need
Like a circle of light
Which frames our faces
To reach out to others with a smile
A kind touch or gesture
A welcome to us all
That unites us in togetherness
Which brings the Hope which almighty God blessed and created for us all
That we can hold hands
And dance together
In a Dance of Hope
It’s a gift from Heaven
To keep our spirits alive
And Hope like water from a cool fresh spring will bring a light to carry and to hold
With kindness and with Hope
We live in a wonderland of gifts that God has bestowed on us all.
And one of them is Hope
We Hope with our hearts and prayers that we await
A better world to come.
To say Amen for precious life
That we can sing like ringing bells, with voices loud and clear that can be heard across the Holy Land  
That tomorrow will be a better day and both Hope and Peace will suddenly appear like a Butterfly that comes gently down to perch upon your pillow  
As we sing holding hands together
Like climbing up a ladder
Blowing trumpets in the sky
That reach out to the Heavens so we can ALL sing and dance together the melody of

In search for ‘a way out’, Keren Kaplan dances to the music Je Suis Malade choreographed by Dana Maler Adler from the studio DANSA, Ra’anana, Israel (Click on picture or caption).

About the Poet:

former South African who daringly in her own unique way challenged the apartheid regime by teaching dance and cooking in “Black areas” in the Eastern Cape and Northern Transvaal, Fonda Dubb today resides in Eilat, Israel. (See article: The Right Moves). Her lifelong concern for others has led to her receiving numerous awards, most notably in 2012 the ‘Woman of the Year Miller Prize’ for volunteerism from the Mayor of Eilat.

In recent times, Fonda has taken to writing poetry drawing from her experiences both in South Africa and Israel, her values, as well as the natural beauty of Eilat. Her guiding star she says, is “a yellowing piece of paper” that hung in the consulting rooms of her late pathologist cousin, Dr. Johnathan Gluckman, who exposed the truth with his post-mortem of the famed Black anti-apartheid activist, Steve Biko, who met his untimely death in police custody. The words on that piece of paper read: “Good men have only to remain silent for evil to prevail”. These words says Fonda, “always stuck with me and influenced my way of thinking.”

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