The Israel Brief- 27 February – 02 March 2023

The Israel Brief – 27 February 2023 Terror attack kills 2, vigilantes burn Huwara. Protests grow against overhaul. El Al flight first to use Oman/Saudi corridor. Papua New Guinea to open embassy in Jerusalem.

The Israel Brief – 28 February 2023 American-Israeli killed in terror attack. Maoz quits PMO. Protests expected tomorrow. Israelis raise over NIS 1 million for Palestinians in Huwara.

The Israel Brief – 01 March 2023 Terrorists who killed Elan Ganeles arrested. National Day of Disruption. Smotrich vile comments. PM Netanyahu off to Rome. 

The Israel Brief – 02 March 2023 Israel appeals to Brazil to designate Iran a terror entity. Netanyahu and Herzog comment after protests. Smotrich comments condemned by USA. First Azerbaijani ambassador arrives.

27 February 2023 – Rolene Marks gives an update on some of the challenges facing Israel as well as Operation “Olive Branch”.

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