The Israel Brief- 09-12 January 2023

The Israel Brief – 09 January 2023 US Secretary of State to visit Israel. Supreme Court overhaul. Negev Summit underway. Harvard University denies Ken Roth a fellowship due to anti-Israel bias.

The Israel Brief – 10 January 2023 Ben Gvir gives directives on protestors. Concern as Minister of Communications wants to shut down public broadcaster. Concerns as Israel sanctions PA. Mural in support of Iranian women unveiled in Jerusalem.

The Israel Brief – 11 January 2023 Ben Gvir says no arrest for opposition leaders. Pres Herzog appeals for calm. Judicial reform protesters meet with police chief. Oh Harry!

The Israel Brief – 12 January 2023 AG’s, States Attorney’s write unprecedented letter. Energy cost of living plan. Smotrich and Gallant discuss shared responsibilities. Azerbaijan appoint first ambassador to Israel.

Rolene Marks sits down with HonestReporting’s Editorial Director, Simon Plosker as he names “Dishonest Reporter of the year”

Editorial Director, Simon Plosker, speaking live on Modiin – and Beyond with Rolene Marks.

Rolene Marks speaks to Newzroom Afrika about the Taliban’s alarming rollback of women’s rights.

US plans to hold Taliban government accountable

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