Lay of the Land Weekly Newsletter- 11 December 2022

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The Israel Brief

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Recalling my interview with a foot soldier who participated in the decisive Battle of El Alamein 80 years ago.

By David E. Kaplan

High Anxiety. An anxious crowd gathers around a radio shop in Tel Aviv Street to hear news of the war

If ever there was a battle whose outcome was of great concern to the Jews of Palestine it was the Battle of Al Alamein in 1942.  Their lives and the future of a Jewish state hung in the balance. The writer recalls his interview with the late Leib Frank who participated in this historically decisive battle.


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Kanye West or ‘Ye’ is engaging in a diatribe against Jews that even has white supremacists aghast

By Rolene Marks

Devil’s Debate. Antisemitic triumvirate Ye, Alex Jones, and Nick Fuentes on Infowars livestream. 

While the convenient impulse is to ignore and not give oxygen to antisemites, Jews have leant the lesson – fatally – of passivity. Public debates with celebrities like Ye joining forces with other kindred antisemites promoting Hitler and spreading Jew hate cannot be ignored. The writer argues say “Nay” to “Ye”.


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A selection of opinions and analysis from the Arab media

Arab writers opining on Middle East issues, write on the 2022 World Cup in Qatar unveiling as much a ‘clash of ideas’ as a clash of competing football teams.


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