The Israel Brief- 28 November – 01 December 2022

The Israel Brief – 28 November 2022 3 Soldiers arrested. Controversial coalition pics. Israeli journalists badly treated in Qatar. Imagine Dragons head to Israel.

The Israel Brief – 29 November 2022 PM Lapid sends letter to 50 countries. Soldier sentenced to 10 days in military jail. Official warns West Bank “boiling point”. Who is antisemite of the year?

The Israel Brief – 30 November 2022 Netanyahu asks for extension to form government. IDF Chief warns politicians not to interfere with the army. Amb to UN opens historic exhibition. More famous people condemn Ye.

The Israel Brief – 01 December 2022 UNGA vote to recognise Naqba. UNRWA condemns “large man made cavity” under school in Gaza. Netanyahu speaks to Bari Weiss. Walmart sells a tallit?

28 November 2022 Rolene Marks talks to Rob Schilling about the recent terror attack in Jerusalem and escalation of violence.

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