The Israel Brief- 15-18 August 2022

The Israel Brief – 15 August 2022 – Terror attack in Jerusalem. IDF foils terror tunnel. Melbourne University Student Union passes BDS motion. Celebrating 2 years of the Abraham Accords.

The Israel Brief – 16 August 2022 – IDF soldier killed in tragic incident. Gaza residents confirm IDF claim of misfired PIJ rockets. Israel wants UN official reinstated. Israel wins gold in Munich. All this on the Israel Brief.

The Israel Brief – 17 August 2022 – Abbas appalling Holocaust comments – updates. Turkey and Israel restore full diplomatic relations. Israel appeals to Russia to postpone JAFI hearing. Israel wins gold!

The Israel Brief – 18 August 2022 – German Chancellor Scholtz speaks to PM Lapid. Did PIJ operatives refuse to enter tunnels? Did IDF strike a third country? Will Britain move it’s embassy to Jerusalem?

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