The Israel Brief- 08-11 August 2022

The Israel Brief – 08 August 2022 – A look back at Operation Breaking Dawn.

The Israel Brief – 09 August 2022 – PM Lapid and DM Gantz address media following Operation Breaking Dawn. Pres.Herzog speaks to Putin. UN Security Council convenes session on Israel and PIJ. Remembering Olivia Newton John and Zili, the counterterror canine.

The Israel Brief – 10 August 2022 – Hamas restrict then rescind Gaza press coverage restrictions. What is going on with. JAFI in Russia? Save a Child’s Heart returns from Chad. Noa Kirel to represent Israel at Eurovision.

The Israel Brief – 11 August 2022 –Oman next to open airspace? UN Envoy visits PIJ leader. Natan Sharansky talks about the JAFI issue. Coldplay rocks with Israeli teen.

08 August 2022 – Rolene Marks discussesOperation Breaking Dawn” on the Schilling show on WINA.

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