Lay of the Land Weekly Newsletter- 10 April 2021

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The Israel Brief

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Happy Passover from Israel

Passover doesn’t let us forget! Each year we sit and retell the story of the journey from slavery to freedom, an existential experience without end. If then it was Pharoah, today we are compelled to raise our shields against a threatening Iran and terrorist killers on our streets. After thousands of years, the four questions remain the same as is our message:




The Takeaways of the Breakaways of Berenson and Bernstein

Why did the founders  of Human Rights organizations denounce their progenies?

By David E. Kaplan

Lethal Libel. The lies in this Amnesty report are feared likely to fuel attacks on Jewish targets around the world.

For Peter Berenson and Robert Bernstein walking away from Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch must have been painful, however the alternative would have been untenable. From such grandiose visions, they saw the agencies they founded, infused with the oldest prejudice in history – antisemitism!

The Takeaways of the Breakaways of Berenson and Bernstein

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We will not be Broken!

Israel endures a wave of terror and like many times before, we will prevail

By Rolene Marks

Shaken but not Broken. Scenes like this terror attack in Bnei Brak have not dented the resolve of Israelis.

Overwrought  by the tragedy playing out on streets across Israel, this article was written one day before the latest terror attack in Dizengoff Street, Tel Aviv, claiming two more innocent lives. The writer’s message is heartfelt and clear – we are one family and we mourn their loss as family.

We will not be Broken!

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Killing President Sadat Again

Dreams and visions do not also have to die

By Jonathan Feldstein

The Three Peacemakers. Today’s Egyptians and Israelis continue to reap the benefits of “No more war”

“Carter didn’t pull the trigger that killed Sadat” but by “empowering Iran, he provided the ammunition,” asserts the writer. Is it now the late Egyptian President’s VISION if no longer the body that may be ‘assassinated’  by again senselessly “empowering Iran”?

Killing President Sadat Again

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Foreign Affairs

Finding love in Israel but also finding oneself in a new country – help offered!

By Oren Ben-Arieh

Mixed Signals. An online meeting place for cross-cultural lovers in the Land of Milk and Honey.

There are no shortage of “helping hands” to assist “lonely hearts”. But what of those who have found love – foreigners in Israel who have partnered with locals – and now need to find oneself within a foreign culture. Time to – MIX IT UP!

Foreign Affairs

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