The Israel Brief- 24-27 January 2022

The Israel Brief – 24 January 2022 – Lapid meets PA official. Israel mulls Russia-Ukrainian crisis. 2021 most antisemitic year. Remembering Daniel Pearl.

The Israel Brief – 25 January 2022 – Recommendation for 4th jab. Israel braces for Storm Elpis. Extremist violence growing. The Guardian newspaper accuses Israel of Sports Washing.

The Israel Brief – 26 January 2022 – Israel braces for Elpis. UN Chief laments antisemitism. President Herzog makes history next week. How many Holocaust Survivors are living in Israel today.

The Israel Brief – 27 January 2022 – International Holocaust Memorial Day. Ofcom to investigate the BBC. A new dawn between Israel and Turkey? Jerusalem of Snow.

Lay of the Land Co-founder, Rolene Marks was interviewed by i24News about the recent study that found 2021 to be the most antisemitic year in over a decade.

Anti-Semitism spikes in 2021, with 30% incidents in US alone

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