The Israel Brief- 04-07 October 2021

The Israel Brief – 04 October 2021 – Iran attempt to assassinate Israeli businessman? Abbas meets with Meretz. First direct flight from Egypt! Remembering Shimon Peres.

The Israel Brief – 05 October 2021 – Mossad operation to locate To Arad. 43 States pledge to fight antisemitism at UNHRC. Pres. Hertzog in Ukraine to commemorate Babi Yar.

The Israel Brief – 06 October 2021 – French Senate adopts IHRA. UEFA investigate antisemitic incident between Union Berlin and Maccabi Haifa. Auschwitz defaced with antisemitic graffiti.

The Israel Brief – 07 October 2021 – Is Oman the next country to normalize ties with Israel? UNHRC censors reports exposing UNRWA incitement. Silent prayer on Temple Mount?

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2 thoughts on “The Israel Brief- 04-07 October 2021

  1. Enjoyed Rolene Marks article about President Shimon Peres very much. I found it very interesting to read about his achievements and so many distinguished admirers from around the world who paid him homage.
    A man I too admire for his vision and optimism for peace. I always compared him to Mandela who was always searching for peace and never abandoned the “hope”.

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