Lay of the Land Weekly Newsletter-26 September 2021

Unveiling the contours and contrasts of an ever-changing Middle East landscape

Reliable reportage and insightful commentary on the Middle East by seasoned journalists from the region and beyond


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The Israel Brief

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Milla’s Story

In a brave new world, brave young girls

By David E. Kaplan

Wonder Girls. When Becca Meyers (l) of the US withdrew from the Tokyo Paralympics,  Milla Wolman (r) pricked the world’s conscience.

Her parents were told shortly after she was born in South Africa that she would never talk. Today, as a teenager in Sydney, Australia, Milla Wolman is talking  to the world about people with disabilities or who she refers to as DIFabilities. “We are not disabled ; we are different”. An animated and activist poet, her message is resonating globally!

Milla’s Story

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Durban Remembered

By Adv. Craig Snoyman

Fight Hate not Promote It. The message from Rabbi Abraham Cooper of the Simon Wiesenthal Center  – “Bury Durban, don’t celebrate it

As a “newly minted” lawyer at the time South Africa’s coastal city of Durban hosted in 2001 a special UN conference to counter racism but instead promoted it, the writer reflects on that cunningly crafted hate fest against Israel and its contribution to spreading anti-Semitism globally.

Durban Remembered

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The Arab Voice

A selection of opinions and analysis from the Arab media

Broad-based coverage on the Middle East, LOTL provides a platform to what Arab journalists – in their own words – are writing about the region.

The Arab Voice

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