The Israel Brief- 09-12 August 2021

The Israel Brief – 09 August 2021 – Rockets from Hezbollah and arson terror in Friday. Linoy Ashram wins Hold – Russians not happy. Gaza resort bombed. Israel sends help to Greece.

The Israel Brief – 10 August 2021 – Travel updates to Israel. EU MP’s write letter objecting to EU rep at Raisi inauguration. Averina tells trolls to lay off Linoy Ashram.

The Israel Brief – 11 August 2021 – Israel’s Foreign Minister in historic trip to Morocco. Hamas prevents inspections of tunnels. Sarah Halimi’s sister files criminal charges against her killer in Israeli courts. Greek fires slowly under control.

The Israel Brief – 12 August 2021 – HRW accuse groups in Gaza of war crimes. Poland passes law ending Holocaust restitution. Lapid inaugurates liaison officer in Morocco.

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