Lay of the Land Weekly Newsletter- 24 January 2021

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The Israel Brief

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The Man who said “Yes”

A man who shied away from the spotlight all his life but spent a life never shying away from helping others

By David E. Kaplan

Visionary. Steel magnate Eric Samson addressing a Keren Hayesod fundraiser at the Israel Museum in Jerusalem.

The passing of Eric Samson  – South Africa’s “Man of Steel’ and philanthropist – has left a void but also a lasting legacy. Lay Of The Land pays tribute to this icon whose vision and support impacted on the lives of many across continents.

The Man who said “Yes”

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Vaccination Controversy

A response to false accusations in top British tabloid

By Rolene Marks

Racist Reportage. The UK’s Daily Mail besmirches Israel with false narrative relating to COVID-19 vaccinations.

Following the UK’s popular Daily Mail publishing a statement by Palestinian Authority’s Foreign Minister accusing Israel of racism regarding its vaccination roll out, Lay Of The Land responds in an Open Letter taking issue with this defamatory position to tarnish the Jewish State.

Vaccination Controversy

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Seeing is Believing

Israeli innovative medical science restoring sight to the blind

By David E. Kaplan

Sight to Behold. Blind Jamal Furani reading a vision chart a day after receiving artificial corneas at Israeli hospital.

Never thinking he would ever properly see again, Jamal Furani, an Arab from Haifa opened his eyes and saw his youngest grandchild. Following the success in Israel of this first ever operation, KPro artificial corneas from CorNeat Vision based in  Ra’anana, offers hope of sight to the inoperative blind.

Seeing is Believing

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LOTL Cofounders David E. Kaplan (Editor), Rolene Marks and Yair Chelouche

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