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The Israel Brief

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Passing of a Pioneer

The early years of Les Sheer who left a legacy on the landscape of Israel

By David E. Kaplan

Times were Tough. An animated Les Sheer describing life on kibbutz Timorim in the late 1940s in Northern Israel.

Moving from Johannesburg to a desolate hilltop in the Jezreel Valley with a young bride in the late 1940s, Les Sheer’s life mirrored the history of modern Israel. A pioneer on kibbutz Timorim to the planning and development of the Lechish Region to absorb immigrants from North Africa, Les Sheer left his mark  on the landscape and lives of many.

Passing of a Pioneer

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Herbert had a Dream

Farewell to the lyricist of the world’s longest running musical, Les Misérables

By David E. Kaplan

Making Music for Millions. Armed with pen and cigarette, Herbert Kretzmer (left) working with Charles Aznavour in 1965.

A man whose poignant prose are hummed by millions, Herbert Kretmer’s ‘I Dreamed a Dream’ from Les Misérables best encapsulates the life of the world famous lyricist. The writer recalls the life and times of this “great communicator” in an interview in Israel in 2015.

Herbert had a Dream

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Arab writers from the Middle East opine on shifts in attitude in Lebanon towards Israel, the failings of Palestine leadership and the suspenseful sense in the Middle East of the US election feeling like a local election.

The Arab Voice

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