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From Drive-In to Sail-In

Tel Aviv-Yafo goes ‘retro’ with  Israel’s first “Sail-In” floating cinema

By David E. Kaplan

image004 - 2020-08-13T233833.360
Floating Around. The ‘Sail-In’ floating cinema at Tel Aviv’s Hayarkon Park. (courtesy of Tel Aviv-Yafo Municipality)

With a reputation for ‘floating’ new ideas, Tel Aviv is displaying a flare for ‘Creativity during Corona’. Fresh off the successful return of Tel Aviv’s legendary drive-in theatre, the “City that never sleeps” will this August, launch in Yarkon Park’s boating river, Israel’s first “Sail-In” floating cinema.



China’s treatment of Uighur minority – a Crime Against Humanity.

By Rolene Marks

China Protest
Forced Separation. Uighur women grieving for their men taken away by Chinese authorities in Urumqi, China in July 2009.

How in the aftermath of the Holocaust and the cry “Never Again”, does China get away with its treatment of its Uighur minority herding millions of Muslims and transporting them in trains to detention camps where many are murdered or die from starvation or disease?


An Open Letter to Seth Rogen

By Stephen Schulman

image007 (87)
Senseless Seth. Popular Jewish actor dismisses Israel in jest as making no sense, whatsoever.”


The star of the 2019 ‘An American Pickle’, Seth Rogen recently found himself in a pickle himself after controversial comments he made on a podcast about Judaism and Israel. Believing religion “silly” and Israel “makes no sense,” the writer responds in an Open letter to the Canadian-American comedic actor counselling on some useful educational tips before tripping again when opening his mouth.


Testing Times

Johannesburg Jewish Community came to my rescue

By Neo Nino Mofokeng

image005 - 2020-08-13T234440.308
Tense Times. A police officer with whip checks permit of anxious woman waiting for a minibus in Johannesburg.

These are anxious times! Fears about COVID-19 can take an emotional toll, especially for those already suffering from anxiety. Heading for imminent mental breakdown under the strain of South Africa’s strict lockdown, this writer’s appeal for help on social media not only resonated but was responded to by members of Johannesburg’s Jewish community.


image006 - 2020-08-13T235104.426.jpg

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  1. Dear LoTL editorial staff. Thank you so much for your amazing content and the quality of each article in each publication. It certainly does give us, your spoilt readers, a fair and unbiased look at “the Lay of The Land!” No Sunday afternoon goes by with me being stretched out in the winter sun {South Africa} without the latest edition of LoTL and a good read. It is my only printed media read.
    As always ‘todah rabah’ and keep them coming.
    Shavua tov,
    Austen Gibbs
    South Africa

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