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Clash Of Cultures To Cultural Understandings

Ultra-Orthodox Bnei Brak Meets Unorthodox Aviv Gefen

By David E. Kaplan

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Rebel With A Cause. A powerful voice of his generation, activist Geffen uses his music to inspire and influence.

After dedicating a song to Bnei Brak residents who had been attacked in the media over Corona, Israel’s iconic secularist singer, songwriter and composer was surprised to find his phone flooded with heartfelt messages from the ultra-religious. In a tearful interview on Israel’s Channel 12, Gefen unburdens himself revealing new insights about love, life and people.



Another “Brick” in the Wall

By Rolene Marks

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Fading Star. “Wish You Were Here” star is finding himself ‘wishing he wasn’t here’ by former friends and collogues.

Former Pink Floyd band member Roger Waters is today more ‘famous’ for his delirious dressing gown rants against Israel than his music. No wonder Pink Floyd are “socially distancing” themselves from its cofounder who is increasingly finding himself an outcast in the music industry.



Double Exposure – BDS & Barghouti

Where BDS Activism Goes, Antisemitism Is Sure To Follow

By Rodney Mazinter

image010 (47)
Writing Is On The Wall. Israeli flag covered in red to invoke blood adorns steps of the main building at UCT in Cape Town.

The writer unveils the falsehoods and hypocrisy of both the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement (BDS) and its co-founder Omar Barghouti, warning governments and NGOs that beneath the veneer of human rights for Palestinians, lurks the ugly truth of violence against Jews and the State of Israel.


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