The Israel Brief- 03-06 February 2020


The Israel Brief – 03 February 2020 – Abbas threatens to cut ties with Israel and US. Netanyahu in Uganda. Red Hot Chilli Peppers to rock Tel Aviv.




The Israel Brief – 04 February 2020 – Productive trip to Africa for Netanyahu. Hamas threaten to use tear gas. Israel sends aid to China to help with Corona crisis.




The Israel Brief – 05 February 2020 – Israeli children run for shelter from terror balloons. Israelis on quarantined ship. Hamas smugglers caught. 




The Israel Brief – 06 February 2020 – 3Terror attacks in one day. Abbas and Olmert to hold joint press conference. Kirk Douglas 1916-2020.




The WINA Rob Shilling Show – 05 February 2020 – Rolene Marks talks about the Trump Plan and other issues (18:40min – 35:40min).

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