“Shitty Jew”

By Rolene Marks

This is a personal account of a grossly antisemitic incident and the events that followed. It is important to share these stories, especially at a time when levels of antisemitism are rising to alarming levels around the world. We can no longer be silent in the face of hatred

Yes, you read the title correctly. This is not an easy story to share with you but at a time when hatred and vile invective against Jews is rising alarmingly across the globe, I feel the need to rise above my own personal humiliation and hurt and allow myself the vulnerability of sharing this very personal story with you.

Today, it is more important than ever to expose racism and bigotry wherever it rears its ugly head and send a message that antisemitism will no longer go unchecked. It is no longer okay to gaslight the concerns of Jews and we will no longer suffer in silence.

This story takes place in race sensitive South Africa and exposes a diabolical double standard that exists on issues pertaining to racism. The democratic rainbow nation that enjoys what is arguably the most progressive Constitution in the world, sets the bar when comes to calling out the bigots and haters but when it comes to the oldest hatred in the world, is oddly silent. Has the current political climate with the ruling ANC’s almost rabid disdain for the State of Israel filtered down and is clouding human decency?

South Africans are all too familiar with cases like Penny Sparrow, Adam Catzavelos and others who have made repugnant racist comments and are paying the price but there seems to be no punishment for antisemitism – only avoidance.

I guess when it comes to equal opportunity hatred, the South African media are not as “woke” as they purport to be. Cry the beloved country.

What happened?image001 (14).png

It all started with a letter.

In my capacity as co-founder of the South Africa-Israel Policy Forum, I responded to both a letter written by Gunvant Govinjee and an article written by Alexander O’Riordan that featured in the Business Day and The Daily Maverick respectively. Regrettably, my opening line that stated unequivocally that my letter was in response to both the letter AND the article, was omitted in both publications.

O’Riordan erroneously interpreted some of my comments as a direct attack on him, and proceeded to call me a liar both in a letter of response in the Business Day as well as on my Facebook page. The latter followed an invitation into my personal space after a well-meaning acquaintance suggested that if we spoke to each other, we might find middle ground.

It was not to be!

O’Riordan unleashed venomous invective, calling me a liar multiple times, alleging that I called him a racist (there is a BIG difference between calling someone a racist and saying comments are such) and demanding an apology. Although acknowledging that ‘perhaps’ he had reacted wrongly, he STILL persisted in calling me a liar. I had all the facts so wasn’t as bothered by those accusations as I was by what followed.

When I replied to him by saying that I was a proud Jew, his only response is to resort to personal attack and things took a profound turn for the worse.

O’Riordan responded by calling me a “shitty Jew” no less than four times and his final punch was comparing me to Harvey Weinstein and Bernie Madoff. Now, while I cannot testify to Madoff or Weinstein’s levels of religious observance, I can ask why is religion a factor on what kind of a person they are? We don’t judge other criminals by their religion n’est-ce pas?

O’Riordan then went on to clarify who he deems “decidedly unshitty”. Those Jews that are “good” i.e. anti-Zionist or anti-Israel like Ronnie Kasrils or Joe Slovo. Good Jews vs Bad Jews – a distinction which antisemites are weaponising in order to sow division and try rationalise their hate-driven behaviour.

shitty Jew2.JPG

O’Riordan claims that Ronnie Kasrils, a former Minister of Intelligence is a “good Jew” but please allow me to remind readers that this is a man who in an Op-ed for the Daily Maverick on the 20th of April this year, made the following comments referring to the development of business ties with Israel as “crony capitalists within the ANC” who were more than ready to have “their palms greased like Judas with silver coins“.

Today, the word ‘Israel’ or ‘Zionist’ has replaced ‘Jew’, and Kasrils, despite his Jewish roots, is trafficking in nasty antisemitic tropes. While O’Riordan – a self-proclaimed atheist – further states that there are “shitty people” of other religions, it is the focus on Jews and his propensity to make divisions that is decidedly dangerous and must be called out.

Good Jew vs Shitty Jew – this is not criticism of Israeli policy, which is legitimate and which Israelis have elevated to a national sport. This is where the line has been crossed and a further line drawn in the sand.

We, the Jewish people will decide what is offensive to us and making these despicable distinctions offends us to the core. Must we be punished and isolated for having and supporting a state of our own? Those like O’Riordan who make these distinctions believe so.

Following this, I sent an official letter of complaint to both editors, thinking that they do would share my disgust and act. To date I have had no response – not even an acknowledgement  of receipt  – from either of the editors.

Radio silence!

 At first, I was angry and then I thought, perhaps there is something more to this. Were the editors afraid of taking a stand or drawing attention to this issue? I really don’t believe it is anything personal or anti-Israel on behalf of the editors; on the contrary, I think the political climate in South Africa is such that it could invite a lot of hate-filled invective.image005 (5).png

Has the climate become such that when it comes to rising antisemitism in South Africa, people are too scared to take a stand? The recent signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between the ruling ANC and terror organization, Hamas as well as the renaming of Sandton Drive after arch terrorist, Leila Khaled, has firmly cemented where South Africa’s alliances fall. The trafficking in antisemitic tropes by ANC and other party leaders such as the EFF who made this statement “We also call on the international community to remember the people of Palestine, the birth and death place of Jesus Christ. They represent the suffering, the permanently crucified, disfigured and humiliated body of Christ hanging on the summit for all shame. The Palestinians suffer racial discrimination, colonization and apartheid in the hands of the apartheid state of Israel” or former Foreign Minister, Lindiwe Sisulu who wished the “Israeli Embassy was in the Dead Sea” only adds fuel to the fire.

O’Riordan’s comments I find racist and offensive and the subsequent editorial silence of the respected Business Day and Daily Maverick, I find worrying, especially in today’s climate. My concern is compounded by these publications offering a platform to a professional propagandist who when unable to establish facts, resorts to racism, when referring to me as a “shitty Jew”!shitty Jew4.JPG

If he had made these comments about another race or religion, it would be equally intolerable and someone like this who trafficks in racism should be publicly shunned and exposed. O’Riordan should be held to the same standards as any racist.

If it is not going to happen in a country like South Africa that purports to be a liberal democracy to take a stand of racism in any of its ugly forms then it is up to us as individuals. Failure to do so allows for hatred to flourish.

I won’t be silent or silenced. Not on my watch.

In a democracy there should not be any place for intolerance and racism in a civilized society.shitty Jew5.JPG

9 thoughts on ““Shitty Jew”

  1. Definitely True. It’s on the increase in South Africa at an alarming rate. Everything that’s wrong here is blamed on JEWS and ISRAEL. When people abuse their children – whether it’s their own or “fostered”(to add to the family’s income – often to the detriment of the children) its bcos of Jews here and from before and ISRAEL. Today I’m going to start my ALIYAH application process. Wishing ISRAEL peace safety and security prosperity and HASHEM’S BLESSINGS. May Hashem Bless you and keep you in His Care and Protection. Vacelia Shulamis Goodman

  2. Rolene criticising you is not antisemitism. Your article lied about me – you quoted the wrong person – that article is still up and in circulation and will be forever. You don’t get to ignore that fact by pretending to be a Proud Jew. A Proud Jew would take responsibility for her actions, admit mistake, apologise and move on. Antisemitism is well defined; nowhere does it mean that people like you get to hide from your responsibilities to be a decent person.

    1. Unfortunately calling someone shitty Jew is not criticism. It is by any definition, anti-Semitic. Making divisions between those deemed good or bad Jew is dangerous. You have put that statement in the public domain. Perhaps it is you who owes Jews everywhere an apology for using that terminology. You and Rolene Marks can argue ad infinitum about your interpretation of her response to your article but using the term shitty Jew offends not just her, but many around the world. (Admin)

      1. Really – what definition? Do enlighten me – find a definition of antisemitism that says as much and I will retract it. I called her a shitty Jew because she said that Proud Jews dont have to retract lies and defamation. That article is up forever(see here https://www.businesslive.co.za/bd/opinion/letters/2019-04-23-letter-comments-on-israel-are-racist/) – that is a fact. And I know what a proud Jew is – it is a Jew that embodies Jewish values; nowhere in the halacha do Jewish values mean lying and defaming somebody and then being allowed to do so because you are a proud Jew. Shame on you if that is what you think it is to be a proud Jew because that dirties Am Israel’s reputation way more than calling out a Jew for shitty behaviour, shitty behaviour which continues to this day.

      2. With Anti-Semitism at an all-time high since the Holocaust, the word “Jew” has returned with full force as a mainstream invective in many places, particularly in Europe, where it’s advisable to not expose their identity – for reasons of safety. So to add “SHITTY” before “Jew” only amplifies the insult not only to the writer Rolene Marks but to Jews everywhere in the world. To try justify its usage is indicative of how Anti-Semitism is creeping into daily acceptable discourse. Eight decades ago, it started with “shitty Jew” in the streets, schools, sport fields and universities; until it resulted in “dead Jews”. There is NO misunderstanding; Mr.O’Riordan, you made it pretty clear; “shitty Jews” support Israel, “Good Jews” like Ronnie Kasrils attack Israel.
        Once again, Jews are only accepted as not “shitty” if they “behave” themselves in your way. The issue is black and white – This is a rose by no other name than Anti-Semitism.

      3. I think you’ve missed the point I am afraid, clearly a significant misunderstanding. Alex is clearly referring to you as a bad Jew because you are not a good example to the faith, the beliefs, and the good behaviour that a proud Jew should follow. Sadly, when you shout about your belief systems, and claim to be a good Christian / Jew / Muslim / Hindu, and then don’t deliver on those principles, you will be called a bad [actor]. Now if you were a self-professed marathon runner, told everyone that running sets you free and gives your identity, yet you’ve never actually run, I’d probably say you were a shitty marathon runner.

        I don’t think it’s productive really to describe yourself as a Jew, be happy to be a good Jew, even a Proud Jew, but then feel it is antisemitic if the prefixed adjective is not one you like. That’s you being a shitty person by disallowing any view point that doesn’t suit you.

        It’s sad that the word Shitty was used in this context, and quite rightly was offensive. But this is no more antisemitic than it is anti-christian if I say pedophile priests are shitty christians. Jump off the antisemitism bandwagon please and jump instead on the bandwagon of addressing the reasons why people dislike the suffering Palestinians and Israelis suffer, and being an active member in helping to solve that, as opposed to a victim.

      4. Dear Mr. White.
        Unfortunately, you have totally misunderstood the point. By Mr. O’Riordan referring to the writer – who he disagreed with – as a “shitty Jew”, he offended the entire Jewish community. Such derogatory usage was bad enough, but to justify its usage on his understanding as to who is a ‘good Jew’ and who is a ‘bad Jew’ according to all kinds of extraneous issues is antisemitic. How does Mr. O’Riordan get to decide that one Jew is shitty and the other is not? Can one say that Mr. O’Riordan, by being an Atheist, is a “shitty” person – No; of course not!! Would you, Mr. White ever refer to a self-proclaimed proud Christian or Muslim as “shitty”? I doubt so.
        Mr. White, your contrived example of pedophile priests being “shitty Christians” more undermines than strengthens your defense of O’Riodan. They are not “shitty” Christians, they are disgusting criminals that should be isolated from society and sit behind bars waring orange suits. You are merely using this example of despicable and criminal behaviour to excuse O’Riordan’s antisemitic use of “shitty” to describe a Jew he politically disagreed with.
        I do however agree with you writing “it’s sad the word shitty was used in this context and quite rightly was offensive”. Having so recognized this yourself, can you not further agree that Mr O’Riordan should apologize – not to Marks – but to the Jewish community he offended.
        Probably not as you reveal your shared prejudice with O’Riordan when you conclude by telling Jews “to go jump” – to “jump off the antisemitism bandwagon”.
        Thank you Mr. White; Jews hardly need to be advised on how to recognise antisemitism.

  3. The skewed reality this person refers to does not reflect neither the facts nor your viewpoint that is inevitable in the face of his comments. Thank you for raising your voice and stand by the truth even when having to deal with Antisemites disguised as commentators.

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