Bunnies Hate Jews?

Educate to hate in Gaza

By David Smith

If you wish to understand the issues in Gaza and, indeed, the wider Israeli-Palestinian issue, one has to become acquainted with a character from a Gazan children’s program – The Jew-eating bunny rabbit (I kid you not). I’m sure I’ve got your attention. Before I elaborate, here is the link – Watch in, it will blow your mind.

  Hamas’ Jew eating bunny rabbit & more

Maajid Nawaz, Dr Zuhdi Jasser, Raheel Raza & Ayan Hirsi Ali are four incredibly brave Muslims (ex Muslim in the case of Ali) who have been working to combat the hateful ideology that has birthed, amongst other abominations, the Jew-eating, bunny rabbit. They realize that only Muslims can defeat this belief system, commonly referred to as Islamic Fundamentalism and based on the principles of Salafism / Wahabism. Fortunately Abdel Fatah Al-Sisi, president of Egypt, and, very recently, Mohammad Bin Salman, the de facto leader of Saudi Arabia, are also working to eradicate the fundamentalism that is hijacking their religion.

Salafists / Wahabists believe that the Koran and related texts have to be followed to the letter. The problem is that these texts contain c120 quotes like this one from the Hadith (It is also included in the Hamas constitution):

“ The day of judgment shall not come until the Muslims fight the Jews, killing them. Until the tree and the rock proclaim ‘ O Muslim, O Abdullah, there is a      Jew hiding behind me, come and kill him’ “

This one refers to Jews but all non-Muslims are targeted in these c120 paragraphs. (Hate in the Koran). In fact, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the leader of ISIS, has a PHD in Islamic studies. ISIS is the most extreme version of following the texts to the letter.

It is these fundamentalist beliefs that have resulted in, inter alia, the following:

  • Massacres of Jews by Muslim Arabs PRE the formation of the state of Israel (between 1920 and 1939) – Note these occurred way before the creation of the state of Israel, demonstrating that the formation of the Jewish state was NOT the cause of the Arab Muslim hatred of Jews Arab Muslim massacres of Jews in Israel – Palestine PRE Israel’s establishment
  • The refusal of the entire Muslim–Arab world to accept Israel’s right to exist and the resultant wars in 1948, 1967 and 1973, in which, combined armies from several Arab Muslim states attempted to destroy Israel;
  • The Palestinian refugees, who, mainly at the behest of these Arab armies, fled Israel in 1948 to enable the Arab armies to attack the Jews unhindered by the risk of collateral damage;
  • The equal number of Jewish refugees who were expelled, with no compensation for their property in the Arab countries, by the Arab Muslims who were enraged by their own inability to annihilate Israel;
  • As an important aside, the Jewish refugees were assimilated into Israel and other parts of the world, whereas the Palestinian refugees have been kept as stateless refugees in the Arab world – Pawns to be used by Fundamentalists in their continued efforts to annihilate Israel;
  • The rejection of peace offers from Israel in 2000 and 2008;
  • Repeated statements by Mahmoud Abbas, leader of supposedly moderate Fatah, that he will never accept a Jewish state in any part of the Middle East;
  • The selfsame Abbas’s PHD thesis, which asserts that the Holocaust, which saw c30% of the world’s Jewish population wiped out in WW12, was a conspiracy between the Nazis and Zionists;
  • Persecution of Christians in the Middle East, which has seen their population decline from c20% of the total population to c4% currently (See: The most persecuted minority in the world – Christians in the Middle East )
  • The fact that it is NOT a small minority in the Arab-Muslim world, who hold hateful beliefs:

See: By the numbers – Raheel Raza

Just to give you a taste of the figures she refers to from polls of the Muslim Arab world:

  1. 27% believe apostates should be killed;
  2. 39% believe honour killings can be justified;
  3. 53% want Shariah law;

In addition, 42% of Muslims surveyed in France, 35% of those in the UK and 26% in the US believe that suicide bombings against non-Muslims can be justified.

Frustrated by the refusal of the Palestinians to even entertain Israel’s offers of peace, a decision was made to unilaterally withdraw from Gaza in 2005, a process, which involved uprooting and forcibly removing the Jewish settlers in the region. Instead of embracing the opportunity for peace and their own Palestinian state, Hamas was voted into power in 2007. Since then, over 20,000 missiles, rockets and mortars have been fired into Israel as Hamas attempts to annihilate Israel and claim all the lands for the Muslim Palestinians. In addition three wars have been fought as Israel acted against the rocket fire that was targeted at it’s civilian population.

If the Palestinian’s had instead embraced Israel’s efforts at peace, Israel would have withdrawn from the West Bank as well, and the Palestinians would have a state there too.

Unfortunately the archaic, Islamic Fundamentalist beliefs of the Palestinians continue to be the main obstacle to peace. Their refusal to accept that the Jews are going nowhere – The Jews, who are the only people to have been in Israel for c3,000 years and are the only people to have had a nation state (three actually) in the region throughout that period.

Fortunately times are changing, as Muslims themselves are attempting to drive out the Fundamentalism in their religion, which has brought them into conflict with the non-Muslim world. There will be peace between the Jews and Palestinians. The only question is how long this will be delayed by the Palestinians themselves, and how many more lives, Palestinian and Jewish, will be lost before peace is achieved.

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