The Israel Brief- 04-07 July 2022

The Israel Brief – 04 July 2022 – PM Lapid’s first speech. Ballistics examination on fatal Abu Akle bullet. Poland and Israel improve ties. Remembering Entebbe.

The Israel Brief – 05 July 2022 – Ballistics report results released. Is tension growing between Israel and Russia. PM Lapid in France. 50 Cent arrives in Israel.

The Israel Brief – 06 July 2022 – Ben and Jerry’s sue Unilever. US State Dept wants “accountability” in killing of Abu Akleh. More from meeting between PM Lapid and Pres. Macron. Abbas and Haniyeh come face to face.

The Israel Brief – 07 July 2022 – Saudis mulling inviting Israeli official? UNRWA still have not removed incitement from textbooks. Turkey and Israel sign aviation agreement. Rocking Israeli summer.

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