The Israel Brief- 25-28 January 2021

The Israel Brief – 25 January 2021 – Malka Leifer extradited. Israel seals off airspace. Embassy inaugurated in Abu Dhabi. USA National Security Adviser reiterates unwavering commitment to Israel’s security.

The Israel Brief – 26 January 2021 -First Israeli delegation lands in Sudan. Israel vaccinating 16-18 year old. UN Chief calls for international alliance to fight hate speech.

The Israel Brief – 27 January 2021 – We commemorate Holocaust Memorial Day. USA policy on Middle East. IDF Chief on Iran.

The Israel Brief – 28 January 2021 – Will Israel extend lock down. Israel – Iran updates. Will the next Ambassador to the UN follow in Nikki Haley’s footsteps?

Listen to the Lay of the Land Co-Founder, Rolene Marks, interviewed on the Schilling Show on WINA in the USA

– 22/01/2021

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